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We try to stock all books in print about papermaking, and books about subjects related to papermaking, especially those that you won't find at a shopping mall book store. If you see or hear of an interesting book that we don't carry, please let us know and we will!
There are color photos of all the books we carry, click on the small photos to see a larger one. To speed up downloading, we have divided Books into seven categories.
  • Getting Started: Beginning papermaking, working with children at home or in school, recycling, etc.
  • Papermaking Techniques: Detailed information about papermaking, plants, chemistry, Japanese papermaking, business, etc.
  • Using Paper: Using paper after it is made i.e. printmaking, collage, framing, sculpture, papier mache, marbling, photography, etc.
  • Book Arts: Making books including structure, adhesive and non-adhesive binding, boxes, portfolios, etc.
  • Book Arts: Keith Smith Keith Smith's marvelous series on book structures.
  • Paper History: Dard Hunter, beaters, Indian papermaking, Twinrocker
  • Videos & Slides: Twinrocker & Grummer, Kathryn Clark artwork slides.
  • Twinrocker: Books about Twinrocker and books that use Twinrocker paper
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