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Books by Keith Smith

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Keith A. Smith & Fred A. Jordon: Sewn and Pasted, Cloth or Leather BOOK BINDING FOR BOOK ARTISTS Requiring No Special Tools or Equipment ' Directed to book artists who are not bookbinders, but who want a fine looking binding to encase their work. A complete beginner, using these methods, can make a lovely cloth or leather binding with household tools and no formal training at all. This is a thorough, highly detailed training manual that will not leave you high and dry with a partially completed piece because some little thing was omitted. It is a significant addition to Keith Smith's ground-breaking series of books on non-adhesive bindings. RECOMMENDED, SB, 424 pp. Highly Illustrated $35.00 Add2cart(2.25 lb.)

200 BOOKS: An Annotated Bibliography
Keith Smith:A bibliography of all the books he has made, from Book 1 when he was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, to this one, which is Number 200. He writes about why he makes books, how he makes images, and how he places his book making process into the context of his experience. The subject matter of his books range from one-of-a-kind artist's books, and poetry to textbooks and dictionaries. Recommended. HB, 335 pp. $35.00 Add2cart (1.75 lb.)

Keith Smith:Examines the book as a physical object and how each attribute can be employed as structure, regardless of text and illustration. SB, 112 pp. $35.00 Add2cart (1.9 lb.)

Keith Smith: The sequel to 'Structure of the Visual Book', it concerns page design and writing style as an aesthetic adjunct to the visual book. SB, 125 pp. BKSMTX (0.3 lb.)

NONADHESIVE BINDING; Books Without Paste or Glue, Volume I
Keith Smith: This series is the definitive work on non-adhesive bindings. This book demonstrates basic & elaborate bindings constructed without adhesives & requiring no heavy equipment. SB, 318 pp. BKSMN1 (1.3 lb.)

1-2 &-3 SECTION SEWINGS; NonAdhesive Binding, Volume II
Keith Smith:An encyclopedia of patterned spine sewings on paper cover supports; formats ideal for many projects by book artists & calligraphers. SB, 320pp. $30.00 Add2cart (1.4 lb.)

EXPOSED SPINE SEWINGS; NonAdhesive Binding, Volume III
Keith Smith:Describes the uses of a sewing frame, exposed spines, packing supports, dying cords, raised support sewings & elaborate sewings across the spine. SB, 320 pp. BKSMN3 (1.3 lb.)

SMITH'S SEWING SINGLE SHEETS; NonAdhesive Binding, Volume IV
Keith Smith:These sewings can be used to bind single sheets of paper, board, plexiglass, and even metal. Unlike traditional post-bindings and stab bindings, these lie flat at any page. Seven different bindings are desvribed. SB, 331 pp. BKSMN4 (1.25 lb.)