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FIBER SAMPLER: Try them all!
Fiber Sampler: Labeled 1/8 lb. samples of each of the fibers we carry. These larger samples contain enough fiber to test and still leave enough to keep as a permanent reference.

Fiber Sampler -- SF

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Note: Enter or edit the quantities (in pounds) for each fiber type desired,
or, for full Bales, enter 'b' followed by a number.
Press the 'Add Fiber to Cart' button to preview your fiber order on this page.
Prices shown are $ per pound for the different weight ranges.

QtyTypeDescriptionUp to 14lbsOver 14lbsBale priceBale wt
HCotton Linter 87$5.31$5.06$4.81520
HBlack Cotton Sheets$3.60$3.35
RRaw Flax Tow$5.80$5.55

Note: Wheat Straw unit pricing is dictated by its low density. The larger the order, the larger the package.