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Storing Pulp

  • KEEP COOL: If you cannot use your pulp at one time, it is possible to store it for a while. An unopened bag of cotton linters pulp will last up to several weeks, if kept cool.
  • KEEP CLOSED: Opened bags won't last as long due to molds & spores from the atmosphere.
  • KEEP CLEAN: While you are using it, make sure your hands and your tools are clean. Close the bag and secure with a zip tie as soon as possible.
  • ADD BLEACH: If you must store your opened pulp for a long time, add a capful of chlorine bleach to a gallon or two of water. Add to the pulp and stir thoroughly. Let it sit for hours, then rinse it thoroughly in clean water.
  • ABACA WON'T LAST: Cotton pulps are the only ones that will last for more than a week or two. Fibers such as flax, abaca, hemp, etc. just won't last...use immediately!
  • FREEZING: You can freeze pulp. After defrosting you must use a mechanical stirring device such as a paint stirrer chucked into an electric drill to get the lumps out.