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Cathleen A. Baker: 'BY HIS OWN LABOR The Biography of Dard Hunter ' Dard Hunter began his remarkable career in the book arts as a craftsman and designer in the American Arts & Crafts Movement.. Hunter's legacy is manifest in the revival of hand papermaking in this country, and he remains an inspiration to all who are involved in the creation of handmade objects. Through By His Own Labor, we discover that Dard Hunter is a far more interesting and complex individual than the legend revealed to us. The author, Cathleen Baker lived in his famous Mountain House for several years with complete access to Hunter's personal archives. She presents a passionate, in-depth biography of this very talented, multi-faceted craftsman. This first edition is reproduced from the original handmade book from Red Hydra Press, a limited edition of 155 copies printed on Twinrocker Handmade Paper. HB, 332pp., 71pp. photos & illustrations. $49.95 Add2cart(3.0 lb.)


Kathryn H. Clark: 'MAKING IT IN PAPER, An Indiana Mill' Kathryn Clark's personal notebook of the events of the difficult first fifteen years of twinrocker, 1971-1986. Photos by Todd Matus. SB, 60 pp. $9.00 Add2cart (0.2 lb

Neeta S. Premchand: 'OFF THE DECKLE EDGE, A Papermaking Journey Through India' Premchand's travelogue through Indian papermaking villages discusses the history of the craft and it's visual and sensual qualities as well as the processes, raw materials, vocabulary and equipment relevant to India. The history of papermaking is explored through her travels to China, Japan and India in the footsteps of Dard Hunter. It is a walk through the craft and its history in India, and an intimate journey among the people, culture and customs of these regions. 1995, hardcover, 9 x 9 inches, 7 bound-in full page handmade paper samples, 107 color illustrations, 128 pp. $49.95 Add2cart (1.6 lb.)

Peter Bower: 1. TURNER'S PAPERS A Study in the Manufacture, Selection and use of his Drawing Papers: 1787-1820
and the companion book also by
Peter Bower: 2. TURNER'S LATER PAPERS A Study in the Manufacture, Selection and use of his Drawing Papers: 1820-1851

In John Krill's book (English Artists' Paper), Turner is just one of the many artists and craftsmen that were driving innovation in papermaking in this period. Turner proved to be the most innovative of them all, however, and this highly detailed study describes both the manufacture of the papers and Turner's methods and motives in their use. Both are catalogs of very succesful shows at the Tate Gallery in London, the first was published in 1990, the second in 1999. One suspects that Volkswagon's corporate support dwindled in between, which may account for the rather enormous price difference.

1. TURNER'S PAPERS covers the first half of Turner's career,
SB, 134 pp. Illustrated $19.95 Add2cart(1.4 lb.)
2. TURNER'S LATER PAPERS the latter half.
SB, 144 pp. Illustrated$39.95 Add2cart(1.4 lb.)