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Twinrocker Pigments
Twinrocker Pigments

Pigments are the only truly lightfast colorants as they are chemically inactive and very stable. Pigments color simply by being there. Dyes impart color through a chemical reaction and are susceptible to further chemical reaction (fading) due to sunlight or heat. Our pigments are aqueous dispersed, which means they are finely ground and dispersed in water. Pigments can be combined to create any color either before or after being added to the pulp.

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Pigment Sets:
ColorBasis2 oz4 Oz8 OzPint
Full Sampler:All 12 colors except whiteC-SA02C-SA04$155.25C-SA16
Primary SetWarm Red, Warm Yellow, Blue, Black$23.00C-SP04C-SP08$95.25
Secondary SetCool Red, Cool Yellow, Turquoise, MagentaC-SS02C-SS04C-SS08C-SS16
Earthtone SetYellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Red Oxide$13.70C-SE04C-SE08C-SE16

Individual Pigments:
ColorIndex2 oz4 Oz8 OzPint
Blackblack 7$5.80$8.20$11.55$18.05
Magentared 122$15.00$21.00$35.60$66.95
Cool Redred 170$7.50$11.60$20.00C-CR16
Warm Redred 22$6.05$9.30$15.60$27.65
Red Oxidered 101C-RO02$5.75$7.90$12.50
Yellow Ochreyellow 42$3.85$5.10$7.80$11.00
Warm Yellowyellow 83C-WY02$12.30$21.30$33.30
Cool Yellowyellow 97$8.40$12.35$21.15$33.00
Turquoisegreen 7$5.75$9.70$15.75C-TU16
Blueblue 15$5.85$9.80$16.05$24.80
Raw Umberbrown 7$3.85$5.15$6.95$11.00
Burnt Umberbrown 7C-UB02$5.20$7.00$11.15