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    We ship pulp in a clear sealed bag. Each bag contains 3 full pounds of fiber which will make 3 full pounds of dry paper. This is 1/3 MORE pulp than is available anywhere else. You can order wet, Ready-to-Use beaten pulps from almost all of the many Twinrocker fibers, beaten to your specifications, with sizing and/or methylcellulose added depending on your requirements. This pulp can be made from one fiber or a combination of two different fibers. For instance, half bleached abaca for strength and half cotton linters for softness and bulk. There is no extra charge for combining fibers, but the pulp is priced according to the more expensive of the two pulps.

    As a rule of thumb, we usually recommend Medium Coarse beating for paper castings and other 3-dimensional or sculptural uses, Medium for forming sheets of art paper and some 3D techniques, and Medium Fine for calligraphy and book papers.

    There is a whole section on ADDITIVES, but the two additives most often used by papermakers are sizing and CMC (carboxymethylcellulose), both can be added to Ready-to-Use Pulp when we prepare it for you.

    • SIZING:
      Paper is naturally absorbent, like paper towels. Sizing makes paper less absorbent and easier to write or draw on. Twinrocker Internal Sizing is an archival material that is easy to use. We recommend that you always use sizing as it protects your work. Use unsized (waterleaf) paper only if bleeding or wicking is an important aesthetic effect in your work.
      Is an archival material made from cellulose that promotes fiber-to-fiber bonding and strength. As a consequence, it also provides some additional sizing effect. We recommend the use of CMC for sculptural casting of paper pulp. We also recommend its use with other techniques whenever the vital pressing step is not used, or with fiber that has received little beating. We do not recommend that you use CMC with pulp beaten more than medium as it reduces drainage so much that it is difficult to form sheets, although it may work well for other types of papermaking. We always recommend that you use CMC for paper castings and other sculptural techniques.


    Your Ready-to-Use pulp can arrive already colored for you so all you need to do is take it out of the bag and use it. If you want to order pulp in a certain color on an on-going basis and want it to always be the same, we will create a personal formula for you which we can repeat again and again. Talk to Travis Becker about your needs. A single batch of pulp in a relatively simple color like dark grey, cream or red is priced at $15 per bag. Color matching is charged by the hour or portion.

  • LARGE QUANTITIES OF PULP ( called 5 in 4 ):

    Our large beater beats five batches of pulp at once, so the price is reduced. In addition, we can take a little more water out of this pulp and ship it in only 4 bags.

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